9 Reasons for Divorce Mediation in Ontario

9 Reasons for Divorce Mediation in Ontario

If our reasons for Divorce Mediation is not enough…

Divorce Mediation in Ontario

Canadians trapped in the Family Law system!

Pickets go up at Ontario Family Court

Pickets go up at Ontario Family Court

The Divorce Mediation Process : The Soft Landing Method

The Soft Landing Divorce Settlement Method

The Divorce Mediation Process Milestones.

Recent Client Testimonials

Separation and divorce are one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. And mine, even though we believed things were amicable, still had a level of tension and stress we didn’t expect. Divorce the Smartway helped to ensure my ex and I knew what we were entitled to and helped to make sure both of us were fair in what we were negotiating. People think they can do this on their own. And I was one of those people. Believe me, you cannot. Ken was professional and understood when emotions ran high. And made himself available for the many questions. Divorce the Smartway took a lot of the stress of paperwork and negotiating out of the way and helped me to focus on entering into a new phase of life

Nancy Pickard

The process of separation was confusing and emotionally charged. We wanted to limit the adversarial nature of sorting out the untangling of lives. Divorce the Smartway provided us with a solution that was fair, reasonably priced and most importantly left our dignity intact. I would highly recommend considering mediation as a option to the courts and was very happy with the way Ken and Lisa helped us find our soft landing

Stephen Nichols

The Soft Landing Divorce Settlement Method has Ground Rules!

How much does divorce mediation cost?

More about Mediation Services – Soft Landings in action

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The One BIG Thing Separating Couples Get Right ebook

That Lawyers don’t want you to know

The 1 thing separating spouses get right

Divorce Mediation in Ontario – Avoid the Family Law Kaos!

I help outcome-focused separating couples create separation agreements with clarity and soft landings for secure futures in 6 steps or less without lawyer created overwhelming conflicts, confusion and costs.

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