Welcome to our comprehensive guide on divorce mediation in Ontario, a resource designed to help you navigate the complexities of separation and divorce smartly, efficiently, and confidentially.

Family Mediation

This section provides a wealth of information on various aspects of divorce mediation, from understanding the role of mediation in alternative dispute resolution to exploring the benefits of virtual divorce mediation.

So whether you’re dealing with a non-amicable divorce, seeking advice on how to start mediation with your spouse, or looking for a checklist to prepare for mediation, we’ve got you covered.

We aim to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions, minimize conflict, and protect your family’s interests during this challenging time. Discover why divorce mediation works in Ontario and how it can benefit you.

Understanding ‘Without Prejudice’ in Divorce Mediation – DTSW

Understanding 'Without Prejudice' in Divorce Mediation - DTSW “without prejudice”, prevents the substance of the letter or discussions from being used in a court case on the issue. What matters most is [...]

Understanding ‘Without Prejudice’ in Divorce Mediation – DTSWKen Maynard CDFA, Acc.FM