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Ontario Family Lawyer lawyer Ratings and Reviews

Sifting through Family Lawyer ratings and reviews in a search for a great family lawyer is likely to be occurring in the midst of stressful circumstances, there’s a lot you would need to keep in mind. While having to prospect for a family lawyer in these circumstances is not ideal, knowing what to look for will make your search easier. For instance, you should understand:

  • How to interview a family lawyer: It can often be easy to get awed in the presence of a lawyer. While you definitely should not go in and try to boss them around, you should have a definite idea of what you’re looking for in the interview. Understanding how to interview the lawyer will help you better be able to assess them and their ability to help you.

  • What questions to ask: Asking the right questions and getting the appropriate answers will tell you whether you’re speaking to the right lawyer. In fact, a lawyer that knows what they’re doing will allow you ask questions so you can get a feel for them and their style. You should know what questions to ask.

  • What lawyer fits your case: This is often determined by what your goals are in the divorce. Do you need an aggressive lawyer, an assertive one or a trial expert? Would you prefer a problem solver or one that can facilitate a collaborative solution to your issues?

  • What happens in the first meeting: The first meeting can often be confusing, especially if you have never hired a lawyer before. But the first meeting is also crucial as this is where you can make your expectations known and get a true measure of the lawyer.

  • Should your lawyer be male or female: Does gender matter in your divorce case? For instance, would it be helpful for you to hire a female lawyer instead if you are coming out of an abusive relationship? Not necessarily. Gender does not always matter in a client-lawyer relationship.

  • How to find out if your lawyer is in good standing: Although this is not always a big concern, you should also know how to assess whether your lawyer is in good standing. You should know how to examine their qualifications and expertise to deal with your case.

  • What to expect from a well-qualified lawyer: A skilled and experienced lawyer can make all the difference in your case. But if you don’t know what a skilled and experienced lawyer looks like, you might find yourself making the wrong option before long.

Finding a Family Lawyer: Ultimate Guide with Top Tips

Choose wisely based on the information you get, your assessment and of course, gut feeling. When meeting with your lawyer, make sure you go with all the vital documents pertinent to the success of your case.

We realize there is still so much you need to learn about finding a divorce lawyer near you. To this end, download this Ebook for greater insight on finding a family lawyer.

The ebook, Expert secrets to finding a divorce lawyer discusses in greater detail how to find the best divorce lawyers, things to do during interviews with your chosen family lawyer, and many more tips to answer your question on choosing the best divorce lawyer near you.

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Rethinking “Lawyering Up”

  • Control the Process: Working with a mediator and CDFA, you and your spouse maintain control over the process, making decisions collaboratively instead of dictating them by attorneys or the court.

  • Financial Clarity: A CDFA brings financial expertise to your case, helping you understand financial decisions’ short- and long-term implications.

  • Comprehensive Disclosure: These professionals guide you in gathering necessary disclosure documents, ensuring no financial stones are left unturned before consulting a lawyer.

  • Focused Negotiations: Mediators help parties stay focused on their real intentions and the main issues, preventing distractions from the path of resolution.

  • Cost-Effective: Mediation and financial analysis can often be more cost-effective than immediately “lawyering up” while offering comprehensive guidance.

  • Reduced Animosity: Opting for mediation first may reduce the antagonism between parties. The traditional “lawyering up” approach can create an adversarial atmosphere that fuels hostility.

  • Holistic Approach: Mediators and CDFAs consider monetary and non-monetary aspects, such as children’s welfare, providing a more holistic view of your situation.

  • Informed Legal Decisions: A solid understanding of your finances and intentions empowers you to make more informed decisions when seeking legal advice.

  • Protection of Rights: The modern family law system ensures your rights are protected – consulting a mediator or CDFA first doesn’t negate this protection.

  • Better for Children: Focusing on finances and children first helps create a more stable environment during this transition, which is often better for children.

Remember, the goal is to make your divorce or separation as smooth as possible for all involved. Therefore, starting with a mediator and CDFA might not be the traditional route. Still, it could be right for you, providing clarity, control, and a comprehensive view of your situation before you step into a lawyer’s office. As always, every situation is unique, so consider your options carefully and seek the best approach for your family.

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Finding a Family Lawyer: Ultimate Guide with Top Tips

Choose wisely based on the information you get, your assessment and of course, gut feeling. When meeting with your lawyer, make sure you go with all the vital documents pertinent to the success of your case.

We realize there is still so much you need to learn about finding a divorce lawyer near you. To this end, download this Ebook for greater insight on finding a family lawyer.

The ebook, Expert secrets to finding a divorce lawyer discusses in greater detail how to find the best divorce lawyers, things to do during interviews with your chosen family lawyer, and many more tips to answer your question on choosing the best divorce lawyer near you.

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Help with your Ontario Family Lawyer Search

Family Lawyer Lookup Directory
  • 1) Google for Ontario lawyer search

    Known for its broad-reaching influence in the digital sphere, Google holds a distinctive position as a comprehensive resource for information, including a range of reviews. This is primarily due to the sheer volume of people utilizing its capabilities for search engine purposes. One such application of Google’s vast database of information is the search for lawyers, especially within specific locations like Ontario. Thus, the “Ontario lawyer search” or “lawyer search Ontario” functions provide a smooth and easy way to discover lawyer reviews.

    Individuals can effortlessly locate and connect with legal professionals in any geographical region using tools such as Google Search and Maps. Before making any decisions, they can verify the credibility of these professionals through client reviews and ratings. This way, searching for a lawyer in Ontario, or any other region, becomes more informed and reliable.

    Google’s review platform offers additional useful features, such as displaying a lawyer’s contact details and providing information about their availability. This can assist users in determining the most suitable time to reach out and schedule appointments.

    For further details, one can refer to this link:


    As the world’s most widely-used search engine, Google provides users with an inexhaustible repository of resources to explore before deciding on their choice of legal representation and counsel.


    Despite its various benefits, the platform does have certain limitations. Users do not have the opportunity to ask questions, leave anonymous reviews, or communicate directly with lawyers regarding their services on the platform.


    In sum, Google operates a trustworthy review platform that assists users with their Ontario lawyer search and across other locations worldwide. Its comprehensive and user-friendly interface allows users to connect with legal professionals and ensure they make informed choices.

  • 2) Lawyer Ratingz

    Looking for a reliable lawyer in Ontario can be a challenging task. To ease this process, you might want to consider using “Ontario Lawyer Search” tools and platforms. A platform known as “Lawyerratingz” has also gained significant prominence in recent years.

    Lawyerratingz is renowned as one of the most comprehensive online platforms for reviewing and rating lawyers across the United States and Canada. It has solidified its reputation as a trustworthy source for candid, independent reviews, ratings, and recommendations of various lawyers.

    The link to the platform is

    One of the most significant advantages of Lawyerratingz is its inherent democratic nature. It provides a virtual space where users and clients can freely express their experiences with different lawyers. By sharing their thoughts and opinions, they provide valuable insights to prospective clients. These reviews and ratings can play a pivotal role in helping potential clients make informed decisions about which lawyers to engage and which ones to avoid. In other words, Lawyerratingz serves as a tool for consumers to judge and select the most suitable legal representation for their needs.

    While the platform enables users to upload reviews and ratings about their lawyers easily, it also presents a few challenges. One of the main issues is the need to verify the reviews and ratings. This means that any dishonest or falsified review can mislead potential users, distorting the platform’s overall reliability.

    In conclusion, the independence and freedom Lawyerratingz affords its users is a powerful tool for providing unbiased reviews and ratings. However, it is essential to address the verifiability of the reviews to enhance the platform’s credibility and ensure users can confidently rely on the information available. Therefore, while using Lawyerratingz or any Ontario lawyer search tool, cross-check the data from other sources to ensure the accuracy of the reviews and ratings.

  • 3) Yelp Lawyer Search

    The widely acknowledged Yelp platform, owing to its straightforward interface, consistently ranks among the top destinations for individuals seeking business reviews. Among such reviews, those related to family law practitioners are notably included. This speaks to the substantial influence Yelp wields when it comes to the visibility of businesses online, subsequently contributing to their ranking in search results.

    The standout feature of Yelp is that it allows for detailed exploration of businesses. Particularly for Ontario-based lawyers, Yelp proves to be an invaluable resource. It provides:

    • Extensive information about a lawyer’s practice.
    • Showcasing the services they offer.
    • Their working style.
    • Their contact information.

    This versatile online capacity makes it a comprehensive platform for conducting an “Ontario lawyer search.”

    You can start your search journey here:

    There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to using the Yelp platform. On the positive side, Yelp prides itself on its user-friendly format, making it extremely simple for clients to leave reviews about their experiences with lawyers. This feature enhances overall transparency and can help you make an informed decision when searching for a lawyer in Ontario.

    However, Yelp does have its limitations. Notably, the platform does not offer a feature for users to chat directly with lawyers. This lack of direct communication may limit the depth of information you can gain about a potential lawyer.

    Still, general commentary about Yelp consistently highlights the insightful and meaningful nature of its reviews and ratings. Despite its limitations, Yelp remains vital for those seeking insights about potential lawyers, especially in Ontario. Its comprehensive and user-friendly design allows you to access various reviews to help guide your decision-making process.

  • 4) Avv0

    Avvo stands at the forefront of empowering individuals with the ability to find the right lawyer, simplifying the complex world of legal aid and processes for the common person. This innovative corporation firmly believes that an informed citizen makes better decisions when it comes to selecting the right legal representation. If you’re currently conducting an “Ontario lawyer search,” Avvo may serve as an invaluable resource.

    Originally launched as an independent entity, Avvo joined forces with Martindale in 2018 and transitioned into what is now known as Martindale-Avvo, a part of the Internet Brands family. Despite this transition, the essence of Avvo’s services remains consistent – connecting people with reliable, licensed lawyers based on location and area of specialization. This platform provides an effortless search experience that bridges the gap between you and your potential lawyer.

    Beyond just lawyer search services, Avvo also provides a comprehensive knowledge base of legal terminologies and resources. By actively participating in the platform’s legal Q&A forum, you can further your understanding of various legal scenarios and get answers to your queries directly from qualified professionals. This feature contributes to an enriched, interactive experience that fosters learning and better decision-making.

    You can explore these services and more at their website:

    Pros of Using Avvo

    One of the key advantages of Avvo is the transparency it provides. It allows users to thoroughly peruse lawyer profiles, giving them a clear snapshot of the professional’s qualifications, experiences, and client reviews. Furthermore, Avvo offers a direct messaging feature, facilitating communication between clients and lawyers right from the platform.

    Cons of Using Avvo

    However, there are potential downsides to consider when using Avvo. The site allows unregistered users to leave reviews for any lawyer. This freedom, while promoting inclusivity, can also lead to the posting of biased or potentially inaccurate reviews, which could influence the decision-making process of others.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, the in-depth lawyer review and rating system offered by Avvo is a standout feature, providing readers with essential information needed to make swift and informed decisions about legal representation. While keeping the potential biases in mind, Avvo’s offerings can serve as a powerful tool in your Ontario lawyer search.

  • 5) Martindale-Hubbell

    If you are conducting an “Ontario lawyer search,” one significant resource you may wish to consider is Martindale-Hubbell. This renowned entity, boasting a history spanning over 150 years, offers an extensive database that includes more than a million legal professionals. This makes it an indispensable tool for lawyers seeking to expand their practices, especially those in Ontario.

    Martindale-Hubbell’s primary objective is to enable customers and other users to make informed decisions about their legal representation and counsel. It accomplishes this through its Martindale-Hubbell Rating, which publicizes comprehensive reviews of lawyers and law firms. This complete rating system empowers people by allowing them to choose the most suitable lawyer, as it recommends legal practitioners based on their legal competence and adherence to ethical standards.

    You can access their services and get further details at Martindale-Hubbell.

    One of the notable advantages of using Martindale-Hubbell is the unique opportunity it offers potential clients. Users can directly chat with lawyers before deciding to hire their services. This direct interaction facilitates a better understanding of the lawyer’s approach, style, and personality, allowing clients to make more informed decisions.

    However, it’s important to note a possible downside of the Martindale-Hubbell platform. As it allows peer review, the reviews could be biased and lead users astray. This is an element to be cautious of when using the platform.

    In conclusion, Martindale-Avvo, the entity managing Martindale-Hubbell, has earned a reputation for maintaining a trusted rating system that evaluates both legal ability and ethical standards. These unique features have made the website a top destination for reliable lawyer reviews and ratings. Therefore, Martindale-Hubbell could be an invaluable resource when conducting an Ontario lawyer search.

  • 6)

    Powered by Martindale-Hubbell, is an entirely free service that offers comprehensive profiles of law professionals. This leading consumer legal directory showcases lawyers’ profiles to individuals and small businesses who are actively searching for proficient legal aid. amalgamates client reviews with Martindale-Hubbell’s longstanding lawyer ratings to appraise the skills and ethical conduct of the lawyers. This fusion of information offers potential clients a well-rounded insight into their legal options, empowering them to choose the best legal guidance and representation based on their unique requirements.

    Visit the platform here:


    A standout feature of is the user-friendly “Ask a Lawyer” option. This allows users to post legal inquiries, which local lawyers then answer. This can be particularly helpful for those unsure about their legal position or needing preliminary advice.


    One potential disadvantage of is the dominance of its premium service. This might overshadow the basic service, potentially affecting the visibility and ranking of all lawyers, making it more challenging for users to browse and select a lawyer based on their needs and preferences.


    The reviews available on are of exceptional quality, aiding users in making well-informed decisions regarding their legal predicaments. The platform’s comprehensive and trustworthy reviews guide users in navigating their cases.

  • 8) Nolo

    Nolo serves as an expansive online directory designed to help potential clients connect with skilled and experienced lawyers. Unlike traditional platforms, Nolo adds an extra layer of competition, where lawyers are required to stand out and compete for the opportunity to represent potential clients. This competitive system ensures that only the most capable and determined lawyers succeed, providing clients with high-quality legal representation.

    In addition, Nolo also has a unique feature that enables individual lawyers to connect directly with clients of their choosing. This provides an avenue for lawyers to handpick cases that they are particularly interested in or well-suited for.

    Currently, Nolo is a bustling platform hosting over a million consultation requests. This vast number provides a plethora of opportunities for lawyers to find clients in need of their particular area of expertise. Users, on the other hand, can post consultation requests, which skilled lawyers can then bid on, providing them with a selection of legal service offers to choose from.

    Moreover, Nolo offers more than just lawyer-client connections. The platform hosts a multitude of articles written by participating lawyers. These articles serve as a rich source of information for users, giving them insights into the lawyers’ areas of expertise, their knowledge depth, and the services they offer.

    Website Link:

    Pros and Cons

    One of the main advantages of Nolo is its competitive system for lawyers, which drives them to offer exceptional service to stand out among their peers. This ensures potential clients get the best value for their money as only the most experienced, determined, and skilled lawyers manage to win over clients.

    A potential drawback is the platform’s feature that allows individual lawyers to connect with clients as they see fit. While it might provide opportunities for lawyers, it could potentially limit the options for clients if lawyers are mainly choosing high-value or high-profile cases.

    Community Feedback

    The quality of reviews on Nolo is outstanding, reflecting the high-level service provided by the platform and the lawyers represented on it. This consistent excellence in user reviews affirms the value and reliability of Nolo’s services.

  • 7) Better Business Bureau

    The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has carved out a reputation as a reliable partner for detailed and factual online reviews and ratings of businesses. This encompasses a range of industries, including the legal profession. BBB distinguishes itself by placing a high premium on the accuracy of its reviews and ratings. This is achieved through thorough investigations of client complaints, leading to informed and fair resolutions.

    It’s important to note that client reviews do not entirely determine the final ratings of businesses on BBB. However, this should be separate from the credibility of the ratings. Companies are awarded accreditation after successfully undergoing a strenuous and meticulous evaluation process, which upholds the quality of the ratings presented.

    You can visit their website here:


    1. Expert resolution of client complaints: BBB’s team works diligently to thoroughly investigate and resolve complaints, ensuring that customer concerns are addressed effectively and transparently.


    1. Limitation on client influence over final ratings: Despite BBB valuing client feedback, the final ratings of businesses are not solely dictated by customer reviews. This might cause some users to feel their opinions are only partially reflected in the final rating.


    BBB’s review system can be likened to an award of excellence that has to be earned through hard work and high standards. The quality of the reviews on the platform is exceptional, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to providing accurate and reliable information to its users. The BBB reviews are, in essence, a mark of quality assurance for those who earn them, serving as a trusted indicator for prospective clients.

  • 9) Using FindLaw to find a lawyer

    FindLaw, accessible at, is a comprehensive resource for clients and legal practitioners. It goes beyond the scope of simply being a directory for legal professionals, offering users a wealth of legal advice and content from industry experts. This trove of information aims to educate and inform users, enriching their understanding of legal concepts and principles.

    The platform features a distinct section known as the Legal Professional Area. This dedicated space allows users to peruse various cases, articles, and contracts at their leisure, promoting self-guided research and exploration. Such a feature underscores FindLaw’s commitment to fostering an environment of informed legal decision-making.

    FindLaw also offers a unique service of matching clients with suitable lawyers based on the specific legal advice they require. This personalized touch helps to ensure that clients get the most appropriate assistance tailored to their needs.

    However, one fundamental limitation of FindLaw is that it does not allow clients to rate their lawyers via a star-based review system. This means that while clients can gain insights into their lawyers’ competence through the content and advice provided, they cannot quantitatively evaluate their lawyers’ performance on the platform.

    Nonetheless, clients still need a voice in FindLaw. They are allowed to provide recommendations on behalf of their lawyers, indirectly contributing to the platform’s peer-review system.

    In summary, FindLaw is a valuable platform that houses a range of resources for legal practitioners and clients alike. Though it falls short in allowing clients to assess their lawyers quantitatively, it makes up for this with the depth of information and personalized lawyer matching it offers. Its approach to recommendations and ratings appears thoughtful and considered, presenting a distinctive model in legal platforms.

  • 10) LegalMatch

    LegalMatch is an innovative online platform that bridges clients seeking legal assistance and professional lawyers. The primary function of this platform is to allow users to post their legal cases and answer a series of questions related to the law category pertaining to their case. Once the cases are made public, various lawyers offer different legal perspectives, advice, and assistance.

    One of the defining features of LegalMatch is its transparent and comprehensive comparison system. Users can analyze various elements, including legal fees, client reviews, and detailed background information of the lawyers, before making their choice. This gives users a broader view and allows them to decide which lawyer is best suited to handle their case.

    Nevertheless, the platform has its challenges. Despite having a system where clients can share their experiences and rate the services received from their chosen lawyer, the review process on LegalMatch is quite rigorous. It can often be difficult for users to leave a review due to this stringent process, making the review pool less abundant than it could be.



    • Users can post their legal cases and select the most suitable lawyer based on the provided responses.
    • The Transparent comparison system enables users to weigh fees, reviews, and lawyers’ backgrounds.


    • The review process on the website is quite strict, making it challenging for users to leave reviews.

    Comment: Despite the difficulty in leaving reviews, the ones on LegalMatch are sufficiently informative, providing enough data for prospective clients to make the right legal decisions.

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Finding a Family Lawyer: Ultimate Guide with Top Tips

Choose wisely based on the information you get, your assessment and of course, gut feeling. When meeting with your lawyer, make sure you go with all the vital documents pertinent to the success of your case.

We realize there is still so much you need to learn about finding a divorce lawyer near you. To this end, download this Ebook for greater insight on finding a family lawyer.

The ebook, Expert secrets to finding a divorce lawyer discusses in greater detail how to find the best divorce lawyers, things to do during interviews with your chosen family lawyer, and many more tips to answer your question on choosing the best divorce lawyer near you.

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