How to Have an Amicable Divorce in Ontario

Reasons for an Amicable Divorce

What Could Happen If You Don’t Get An Amicable Divorce?

Don’t bury your head in the sand and think that everything will be all right in the end if you choose to settle your divorce through the courts. There are some serious outcomes that could really happen to you if you don’t give an amicable divorce a chance:

An Amicable Divorce using Lawyers – Is It Possible?

Amicable Divorce

What Does An Amicable Divorce Look Like?

  • You only need to hire one between you, not one each as you would with divorce lawyers

  • You negotiate your divorce in mediation, you don’t fight over it

  • You can resolve your differences way more cheaply in mediation than with litigation

  • Mediation is far quicker than taking your divorce through the cumbersome court system

  • You’re hiring a lawyer to represent you in court. Yet only 4% of divorces end in court. The vast majority are settled by negotiation. So get a good negotiator. Get a mediator.

  • The average divorce mediation is resolved in under 8 hours. And with mediators typically charging around the $200 per hour mark, you can get your divorce issues resolved for under $2000.

Still, Convinced You Need A Divorce Lawyer?

Damage Created in Family Court
Divorce in Ontario Soft Landing Settlement Method

We help conflicted and outcome-focused separating couples create separation agreements with clarity and soft landings for secure futures in 4 meetings or less without all the lawyer created overwhelming conflicts, confusion and costs.

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