Divorce Financial Readiness Indicator – What is your DFRI Score ?

Upon completing the straightforward DFRI questionnaire, you’ll gain insight into your financial preparedness and be presented with three tailored options: DFRI Primer, DFRI Plus and DFRI Ultimate, designed to meet your needs and preferences:

  • DFRI Primer:

    Provides your DFRI Score ($9.77)

    Receive an insightful DFRI Score, clearly showing your current financial readiness. This affordable option gives you a baseline understanding of where you stand.

  • DFRI Plus:

    Your Personalized Divorce Financial Planning eBook & Actionable To-Do List ($39.77)

    Step up your preparation with a customized eBook that addresses your specific financial concerns and goals and a practical, actionable to-do list. This option helps you organize and prioritize your next steps effectively.

  • DFRI Ultimate:

    Comprehensive Strategy and Coaching Session ($199.77)

    This option includes everything from DFRI Plus plus a 1-hour Strategy and Coaching Session for those seeking an in-depth, guided approach. Gain expert insights, personalized advice, and strategic planning to empower you toward financial confidence and clarity.