Future Focused Divorce Mediation Service

  • Child Support & Parenting Arrangements

  • Spousal Support Payments & Lump Sum

  • Valuation of Assets like Pensions, Investments and Real Estate

  • Division / Equalization of Assets

  • Division / Equalization Division of Debts

  • Disposition of Matrimonial Home

  • Independent Legal Advice

I recommend couples start the Divorce Mediation process with an Early Neutral Consultation 

Early Neutral Consultation Video

The Best to Start Your Separation

The Best to Start Your Separation

Can a Mediator Write a Separation Agreement?

Can a Mediator Write a Separation Agreement? For couples looking to end their relationship, a mediator provides a reliable and cooperative way of getting the process done. Can a mediator write a separation [...]

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  • Separation Agreement
  • Grey Divorce
  • Young Professional Couple
  • Small Business Owners

Separation Agreement Checklist Review

Separation Agreement Checklist Review Register for Your Review Today Have you been explicit in your wording Is your separation agreement complete Is your agreement wording clear Are all the details confirmed [...]

Rapid Separation Agreement Option

When it comes to separation and divorce, you have options. Those options largely depend on your unique situation - how long you've been married, assets to be divided, and whether children are involved. Which option is best for you? A few simple questions may narrow it down.

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