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Ken S. Maynard
Ken S. MaynardAcc.Fm, CDFA
Founder & Neutral Mediator
Divorce Financial Specialist
Accredited Family Mediator
New Ways for Families practitioner

What others have to say

Ken is more than a divorce financial expert and mediator, he is a passionate problem solver focused on what’s best for the family. I found Ken to be effective and efficient in what he does and would recommend him to anyone going through a separation
Dave Ragonga - Aurora
There is no question that Ken understands the relevant issues in
a family law context.. Most important, he performs these tasks with kindness, compassion and respect for the dignity of both parties’ positions during what can be a period of significant emotional turmoil.
EA - Family Law Lawyer - Simcoe County
I suggest anyone planning to divorce talk to Ken Maynard before hiring a lawyer as it may save both parties allot of heartache, stress and unnecessary expense.

A mediated settlement is the best approach to settle these kinds of disputes. Maintaining the best interests of the children first and helping couples reach an acceptable resolution is what Ken works to achieve.

Don Beaulieu - Publisher
Ken provides a service that is very necessary in light of the current state of the Family Court System in this country. Mediating for the Families full benefit (emotional state, financial state et) and moving them through the process of divorce in a less painful manner.

Ken’s kind and compassionate manner is a blessing for the families that work with him. I would fully recommend Ken BEFORE you choose to enter the overtaxed and expense legal system

Paula Crane
Ken Maynard has worked hard for many years to become an expert in the divorce industry. Ken and his team are top notch. He is very professional and very successful in negotiating divorce settlements. Litigation only results in everyone losing – a lot. If you are thinking of divorcing or are working in the divorce industry, I highly recommend Ken. I have referred him to many clients with much success.
Maureen Tabuchi - Published Author at Empowering Women to Succeed
As a family specialist in mediation and collaborative law, I am impressed by Ken’s ability to guide clients through difficult and often emotional decisions as they move forward through life transitions. Ken is creative in his approach to finding acceptable solutions for separating couples and their families. He speaks candidly and competently. I highly recommend his services.
Deborah Alton - Psychotherapist & Family Specialist
Should you come across anyone who is facing marriage breakup, do them a huge favour by counselling them to pursue mediation as an alternative to the antagonistic legal route. Ken provides a service that really helps people see past the emotional.
Dr. Les Galicinski
I recently studied the Collaborative Team Practice through the Divorce Team with Ken. I found Ken to be a respectful and knowledgeable professional. He demonstrates a commitment to guide his clients through the difficult process of divorce. He is empathetic and supportive when he talks about the issues and challenges that families face during this challenging time.
Wendy Hunter
Thank you for all you did for me several years ago. You were efficient and helpful.
Carole Dubreuil
Thank you for helping my family and for all the guidance. It is very much appreciated.
Diana K - Vaughan
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Cut the Cost, Ease the Stress, Save Time and Safeguard your Children

  • My Family Harbour™ methodology sets us apart from traditional Family Mediation.
  • A New Standard in Divorce Mediation
  • Backed up by Qualified Team of Professionals, Business Valuators, Parenting and Family Coaches
  • Cost is a fraction of the traditional adversarial approach
  • Committed to achieving settlement within 90 days of financial disclosure
  • Custom “Child Centered” co-parenting negotiations and plans