How My Virtual Divorce Mediation Process Works

Other benefits of virtual mediation include:

  • The chance to settle your differences between yourselves, without judges or lawyers making your decisions.

  • A better chance of coming to a settlement that’s agreeable to both spouses. That’s because both of you will be involved in reaching a consensus. Any agreement is yours, not one that’s been imposed on you by outsiders

  • The mediation process can be customized to suit your needs, values, and ultimate goals. Each of you knows better than any lawyer or judge your past history, family situation, and future goals. You can use all this to shape a settlement that’s agreeable to you both.

  • Mediated settlements can involve and resolve all issues that specifically affect you. This contrasts with court-based proceedings in which the court’s power is limited to specific issues, so often results in parties having to settle various other matters out of court.

  • You can avoid the damaging effects of a confrontational divorce. If you have children, they won’t be caught in the crossfire, because in mediation, parents work together to find a mutually agreeable resolution, with the children’s best interests at heart.

  • You can enjoy a better co-parenting relationship after reaching a mediated settlement. That’s because much of the anger and bitterness is absent from mediated settlements when compared to adversarial lawyer-based divorces. So spouses are more likely to approach future parenting responsibilities in a spirit of goodwill and cooperation.

  • Mediation often gets results faster than litigation. And resolving divorces quickly is good for spouses, children, and finances. That’s not to say that mitigation is rushed. The speed at which your mediated divorce progresses can be dictated by your personal needs, your family responsibilities and the demands of your career. That contrasts to litigation in which both spouses are often at the mercy of their lawyers’ availability and the Judge’s calendar.

  • A more satisfactory outcome is likely for couples who divorce through mediation. That’s the conclusion of several studies, and it stands to reason. The more involved you are in shaping the nature of a settlement, the more likely you are to be happy with it and adhere to it. This is supported by evidence that shows divorcees who choose the mediation route are more likely to pay their child and spousal support contributions on time.

  • All face-to-face contact can be avoided with virtual mediation. The power of the internet means that mediation sessions can be conducted wherever in the world the mediator and the spouses are (as long as you have a good internet connection).

  • Mediation enables spouses to maintain their privacy. All mediation sessions are private, whereas litigated divorces are a matter for public record through the Family Law Courts

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