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Creating a Separation Agreement should not be an unjust, crippling expensive or emotionally destructive process. Nor should it enrich professionals involved. 

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When it comes to separation and divorce, you have options. Those options largely depend on your unique situation - how long you've been married, assets to be divided, and whether children are involved. Which option is best for you? A few simple questions may narrow it down.

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Are you both ready for a separation or divorce? Schedule a free initial consultation today (a $300 value) to find out more about divorce mediation and its many benefits.

  • Ken Maynard

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Ken S. Maynard is an accredited mediator (Acc.FM) and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) who specializes in comprehensive, cost effective full service mediation resulting in a separation agreement.

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