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separation agreement checklist review

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Basic Separation Agreement Checklist Items

This is preliminary list of the basics that are to be addressed in a separation agreement so each of your rights and obligations are stated clearly. Though the list is quite comprehensive there will still be situations that will contain other issues.

Parenting (Custody and Access)

  • Joint Custody or Sole Custody

  • Primary Residence

  • Terms of Visitation

  • Moving from out of the area

  • Name Change

Child Support

  • Term

  • Amount

  • Extra-Ordinary Expenses

  • Life Insurance

  • Medical, Drug, and Dental Insurance

  • Post Secondary Education Costs

  • Cost-of-Living

Spousal Support

  • Complete Release of Spousal Support

  • Term of Support

  • Amount of Support

  • Cost-of-Living

  • Life Insurance

  • Medical, Drug and Dental Insurance

Equalization of Assets

  • Household Assets

  • Employment and Pension Benefits

  • Canada Pension Plan

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans

  • Investment Assets and Bank Accounts

  • Children’s Bank Accounts

  • Matrimonial Home

  • Other Property

  • Debts


  • Material Change in Circumstances

  • Religious Divorce

  • Legal Fees

  • Financial Disclosure

  • Resumption of Cohabitation

Recent Client Testimonials

Separation and divorce are one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. And mine, even though we believed things were amicable, still had a level of tension and stress we didn’t expect. Divorce the Smartway helped to ensure my ex and I knew what we were entitled to and helped to make sure both of us were fair in what we were negotiating. People think they can do this on their own. And I was one of those people. Believe me, you cannot. Ken was professional and understood when emotions ran high. And made himself available for the many questions. Divorce the Smartway took a lot of the stress of paperwork and negotiating out of the way and helped me to focus on entering into a new phase of life.

Nancy P - Barrie, Ontario

The process of separation was confusing and emotionally charged. We wanted to limit the adversarial nature of sorting out the untangling of lives. Divorce the Smartway provided us with a solution that was fair, reasonably priced and most importantly left our dignity intact. I would highly recommend considering mediation as a option to the courts and was very happy with the way Ken and Lisa helped us find our soft landing.

SN – Vaughan

Stephen N - Vaughan, Ontario

Testimonials From Professionals

There is no question that Ken understands the relevant issues in
a family law context.. Most important, he performs these tasks with kindness, compassion and respect for the dignity of both parties’ positions during what can be a period of significant emotional turmoil.
EA - Family Law Lawyer - Simcoe County
Ken Maynard has worked hard for many years to become an expert in the divorce industry.

Ken and his team are top notch. He is very professional and very successful in negotiating divorce settlements. Litigation only results in everyone losing – a lot.

If you are thinking of divorcing or are working in the divorce industry, I highly recommend Ken. I have referred him to many clients with much success.

Maureen Tabuchi - Published Author at Empowering Women to Succeed
As a family specialist in mediation and collaborative law, I am impressed by Ken’s ability to guide clients through difficult and often emotional decisions as they move forward through life transitions.

Ken is creative in his approach to finding acceptable solutions for separating couples and their families.

He speaks candidly and competently. I highly recommend his services.

Deborah Alton
Should you come across anyone who is facing marriage breakup, do them a huge favour by counselling them to pursue mediation as an alternative to the antagonistic legal route. Ken provides a service that really helps people see past the emotional.
Dr. Les Galicinski

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