The Matrimonial Home: Spousal Buyout or Sell,  or Keep

Rights of spouses to the matrimonial home
  • Buy out your spouse, Sell or Keep

  • The matrimonial home may be a property that is owned outright by either or both spouses, or it could be a rental apartment.

  • Ownership of the home is regarded as joint. It would not matter that they did not contribute equal shares to the purchase of the home.

  • All that matters is that the purchase was a joint effort.

  • If joint, both spouses are still entitled to share the value of the property.

  • Regardless of who actually or legally owns the home, both spouses have an equal right to live in it.

  • The concept of the matrimonial home does not apply to partners in a common-law relationship.

  • The matrimonial home is given special treatment, and you cannot deduct the pre-marriage property value as you would with other assets.

Rights of spouses to the matrimonial home
How to buy out your spouse

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