Experience the transformative power of mediation with Bill Eddy, a renowned figure in the field and one of Ken Maynard’s advanced mediation trainers at the High Conflict Institute.

Through a series of Mock Mediation Sessions, Eddy provides a comprehensive understanding of the mediation process, offering invaluable insights into property division, domestic abuse navigation, parenting plan wrap-ups, support discussions, and more.

These sessions, hosted on Divorce the Smartway, are designed to equip divorcing couples with the tools they need to approach sensitive issues constructively and calmly.

Discover the benefits of mediation and how it can shape your future, fostering a smoother transition during this challenging time.

Mediation Demonstration – PROPERTY DIVISION

Mediation Demonstration - PROPERTY DIVISION In this short and informative video, the Mediator’s structured approach to discussions about property division enables the divorcing couple to calmly and constructively approach the usually thorny issue [...]

Mediation Demonstration – PROPERTY DIVISIONKen Maynard CDFA, Acc.FM