CRA – Notice of Assessment (NOA) – an FYI

cra notice of assessment - how to get notice of assessment
  • The NOA is essentially the CRA’s evaluation of your individual tax return.

  • May contain a balance of your Home Buyers’ Plan obligation / debt.

  • You may request a replacement NOA from the CRA do this by viewing and printing your NOA from the My Account Service at the CRA web portal

  • Helps Family Law professionals to determine income to calculate child support!

notice of assessment cra

Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment – Sample

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What is a Notice of Assessment?

Why the NOA document is important in Separation and Divorce?

cra notice of assessment

Required Dates for this document

Important Dates in Separation and Divorce | Related Time Limitations
  • Notice of Assessments for the Last 3 Years

Understanding how these important dates in separation and divorce will make a material difference: The When, Then and Now of Divorce

Where to find notice of assessment:

where to find notice of assessment
  • Your Personal Files – After you file your T1 Tax Return with CRA, You should receive a Notice of Assessment by mail with in about 90 days.

  • Your Accountant – The NOA was mailed to you, but your Accountant may have you copy.

  • Your Tax Preparation Service – The NOA was mailed to you, but your Tax Preparation Service may have access to a copy.

  • Express NOA is a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) document service that allows individuals and authorized tax preparation professionals to view the Notice of Assessment (NOA) right after the return has been received and processed by the CRA with their tax software.

How to get my notice of assessment:

how to get my notice of assessment

How to get NOA online – Video on how to access your CRA My Account

My Account, the Canada Revenue Agency’s secure portal

My Account, the Canada Revenue Agency’s secure portal

How can I get a copy of my notice of assessment?


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