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Utilize the DivorceMate Spousal Support Calculator in Ontario to ensure fair and accurate spousal support arrangements. Streamline your divorce process with the Soft Landing Method from DTSW

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  • Adjustment of “Custodial Payor” formula: There is an assumption in the SSAG that child support is being paid according to the CSG. But if child support is not being paid according to the CSG, a manual adjustment must be made in the software. One instance when this might be the case is where the “Custodial Payor” formula is used. In this case, rather than have both parties pay support to each other, the higher paying spouse may have custody of the children and choose to forego child support. To make the adjustment, click on “Options” in the CSG section and use the relevant dropdown list to override the “Child Support (Table)” or “Child Support (s.7 Payment)”.

  • Eligible Dependant Credit: Keep in mind that the “Eligible Dependant Credit” (EDC) is not the same as CCB. You can find EDC under the “Children” blue link in the software. Where necessary, you may need to change the default setting of “automatic”. This setting allocates the credit to the net recipient of child support – usually the lower income earner. But if this allocation is incorrect, the setting must be changed.

  • Section 7 expenses: When using the “with child support” formula under the SSAG, section 7 expenses must be taken into account. Failing to do this means the payor will pay much more spousal support than they should, especially where special expenses are significant. If there is no certainty about the precise amount of special expenses, then an estimate should be included, at least

  • Special expenses and associated tax items: Under the FCSG, the court is required to take into account any subsidies, benefits or income tax deductions relating to an expense. As such, if there are any subsidies, benefits or income tax deduction applicable to an expense, they should be included. The software provides some help here. If there is any associated credit or benefit attached to a special expense, a green link will appear under the item. Click it and it will take you where you can input the tax item.

  • Automatic calculation of CCB & GST/HST: Users do not need to input Canada Child Benefits (CCB) or GST/HST in DivorceMate. They are already automatically calculated under the software based on income of the parties and custodial arrangements. This will also be the case in a “shared eligibility situation”.

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More About the Free DivorceMate Calculator
What is DivorceMate support calculator, and how do I use it?Ken Maynard CDFA, Acc.FM2024-05-29T18:51:54-04:00

he DivorceMate support calculator is a tool for legal professionals to calculate spousal and child support. Public users can use MySupportCalculator for similar calculations. Detailed instructions for MySupportCalculator are available on their website.

Where can I find a DivorceMate tutorial?Ken Maynard CDFA, Acc.FM2024-05-29T18:47:00-04:00

Tutorials for DivorceMate are available to legal professionals on the DivorceMate website under the support or training sections. For public users, MySupportCalculator provides tutorials and guides on their website.

Can you explain how DivorceMate Cloud works?Ken Maynard CDFA, Acc.FM2024-05-29T18:45:35-04:00

DivorceMate Cloud is a professional service that allows legal professionals to access DivorceMate software and services online. It is not available to the general public. MySupportCalculator offers similar online services for public users.

How can I contact DivorceMate customer support?Ken Maynard CDFA, Acc.FM2024-05-29T18:44:04-04:00

DivorceMate customer service is available to legal professionals who have subscribed to the service. They can be contacted via the support line or through the support portal on the DivorceMate website. Public users can contact MySupportCalculator for similar support services.

What are the steps to install DivorceMate desktopKen Maynard CDFA, Acc.FM2024-05-29T18:42:54-04:00

DivorceMate desktop is intended for professional use by legal practitioners. It requires a subscription and can be downloaded from the DivorceMate website. For public users, MySupportCalculator provides an accessible alternative online.

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