Master MySupportCalculator: Unofficial User Guide

  • 1. Complex situations: MySupportCalculator may not accurately consider all the factors in more complex financial situations. A professional legal consultation may be needed to ensure correct calculations if there are multiple income sources, complex asset divisions, or other financial complexities.
  • 2. Specific spousal circumstances: Not all spousal circumstances may be covered by the MySupportCalculator tool. For example, in cases involving long-term marriages with significant financial entanglement, or marriages where one spouse has significantly more assets or earning power, the calculations may not accurately reflect what a court would order.
  • 3. Legal advice: MySupportCalculator provides mathematical calculations, but it does not provide legal advice. If you are unsure about your rights, legal obligations, or the proper legal procedures to follow, consulting with a family law professional would be beneficial.
  • 4. Updated guidelines: If the guidelines used by MySupportCalculator do not reflect the most recent legal changes or updates, the calculated amounts may not be correct.
  • 1) Enter all relevant information to calculate the support amount correctly.

  • 2) Review the results generated by MySupportCalculator carefully. If you have any questions about the calculations, contact a family lawyer for more information.
  • 3) Use the results from MySupportCalculator to help inform your negotiation process. Of course, it is always best to develop an agreement between both parties that works for everyone involved.
  • 4) Consider setting up automatic payments for child support and spousal support based on the results provided by MySupportCalculator – this will make it easier for you to ensure timely payments and comply with court orders if applicable!
  • 5) Save all documentation related to child and spousal support calculations generated by MySupportCalculator for future reference.

MySupportCalculator Sample Support Scenarios

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