Effective Child Support Alternatives: A Comprehensive Guide

Child Support Guidelines
Alternative Child Support

Child Support in Ontario

  • ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENT: The parents plan to let their children spend equal time with each parent.

    ACTUAL REALITY: One parent ends up being more flexible and responsible, spending more time with the children, leading to increased expenses for this parent with no child support to cover them.

  • ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENT: The parents sign a mutual agreement covering expenses for their kids. One parent routinely objects to expenses that the other parent deems important.

    ACTUAL REALITY: The other parent is left with the unenviable choice of having to pay   for these disputed expenses, or depriving their child of something they think is essential.

  • ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENT: The parents come to a mutual agreement over child custody and payments.

    ACTUAL REALITY: One of the parents frequently has to ask the other for money, giving the parent who’s being asked for this money inappropriate control over the life of their former spouse.

  • ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENT: The parents agree that one of them should pay a fixed expense towards the house or car for the other.

    ACTUAL REALITY: The parent supposed to be paying doesn’t always make the payment, leaving the other parent with the asset at risk and no child support.

  • ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENT: The parents plan to share expenses for their children.

    ACTUAL REALITY: One parent always seems to be short of cash, leaving the other to make up the shortfall with no easy way of recording the other’s failure to pay.

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