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Ontario Separation Agreement

Ontario Separation Agreement
Ontario Separation Agreement
Ontario Separation Agreement

In your search you may hear or read things like:

  • You need no written agreement to be considered legally separated from your spouse.
  • Your agreement need not be prepared and witnessed by a lawyer for it to be valid.
  • Your agreement need not be filed in any court for it to be valid
  • You don’t need financial disclosure if your spouse already knows everything.
  • It can be handwritten, even on a napkin!

Or you may feel:

  • My private information should NOT be seen by anyone.
  • Financial disclosure will change nothing so why do the work?
  • We negotiated our own deal, we don’t need an outsider poking around.
  • All these requirements seems like a some cash-cow for the professionals to make money.

So what are the 3 pillars of good agreement

Legally Binding Separation Agreement

A written Separation Agreement may include:

Additional Thoughts

  • Full Financial Disclosure

  • Co-Parenting Arrangements

  • Child Support

  • Spousal Support

  • Actuarial Valuation of Pensions

  • Division of Assets

  • Division of Debts

  • Matrimonial Home

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Independent Legal Advice

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Creating a Separation Agreement should not be an unjust, crippling expensive or emotionally destructive process. Nor should it unjustly enrich professionals who prepare separation agreements.

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