How much does a Lawyer cost in Ontario?

What a Divorce Lawyer Costs
  • Starting off in the office of a Lawyer isn’t usually going to result in an amicable divorce.

  • There are few cost controls when it comes to lawyers and litigation.

  • Additionally, even with lawyer negotiations, it is possible for your case to end up in divorce court.

  • Lawyer negotiations are conducted mainly by correspondence.

  • If it’s a cost-effective divorce, you want that depends on the dispute resolution process you choose.

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What a Divorce Lawyer Costs

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Divorce Lawyer Costs

Divorce Lawyer Costs

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Divorce Costs in Ontario

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The resolution value ladder

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Finding a Family Lawyer that is worth while, The Ultimate Guide with Top Tips

Searching for the perfect family law lawyer anywhere can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. I have the perfect resource that can help you understand the process of hiring a lawyer and what to do to make the right choice.

As a professional mediator, I have worked with hundreds of lawyers in different capacities. I have supported settlements between couples which had to involve lawyers by reason of their complexity.

This experience gives me a unique insight into how lawyers conduct themselves, how they solve or create problems and the value they bring. Since I am not a client, my position is that of an insider, this gives me a vantage point that most don’t have.

More than helping you understand what positive qualities make up the best lawyer for you, I can advise as to red flags. I can make referrals based on extensive knowledge of how a lawyer-client relationship should be and how to deal with these lawyers.

Most important, since I do not personally know all the family lawyers in Ontario, I can give you something even better. With my Family Lawyer Insider Guide, I provide you with all the tools to vet a lawyer, in 15 minutes flat. So, I not only share my knowledge with you, I give you all the tools you need to find the perfect family law lawyer for your case.

In the resource I will share with you, I’ll help you understand:

  • How to turn a free consultation into a powerful strategy meeting
  • How to interview, questions you should ask and why
  • The best payment structure for you and how to get the lawyer to agree
  • How to manage the relationship between you and your lawyer
  • Whether you should sign a retainer agreement with the lawyer or just pay for advice as you go
  • How to really check out a lawyer to confirm if they’re a good fit for you
  • What to do if you are in a high-conflict case and how to ascertain if your lawyer really understands these types of divorces or if they’ll only make things worse
  • Whether your lawyer’s gender really matters in your divorce

You’ll find everything you want to know about searching for, qualifying and retaining the perfect lawyer for you in my Family Lawyer Insider Guide.

If you want to take the stress out of finding a lawyer to handle your divorce, reach out immediately to download your copy of the report. Find the right lawyer for you in an easy and straightforward process.

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