Create a Soft Landing
with Divorce the Smartway


The Soft Landings my clients create for themselves while working with Divorce the Smartway.

Ken S. Maynard
Ken S. MaynardAcc.FM CDFA
Accredited Family Mediator (Acc.FM)
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)
Licensed New Ways for Families Practitioner
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Divorce Specialist – Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Ken Maynard with his Children

My children and I on our first vacation together 6 years after the court actions started and 3 years after my last court appearance.

You need to take Action to leave the uncertainty behind!

I help conflicted and outcome-focused separating couples create separation agreements with clarity and soft landings for secure futures in 4 meetings or less without lawyer created overwhelming conflicts, confusion and costs.