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I assist intelligent and successful couples in crafting clear and straightforward separation agreements, ensuring a smooth transition towards a secure future. This is achieved in four meetings or less, sidestepping the excessive conflicts, confusion, and costs often associated with legal proceedings. You have the option to collaborate with me via video conference or in-person with a DTSW associate at any of our six Greater Toronto mediation centers, located in Aurora, Barrie, North York, Vaughan, Mississauga, and Scarborough.

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Create a Soft Landing for your family

Divorce Financial Planning Roadmap

Navigator Divorce Financial Planning Method Welcome to the "Navigator Divorce Financial Planning Method" - your trusted guide through the financial complexities of divorce. The Navigator Divorce Financial Planning Method is designed to provide [...]

Divorce Financial Planning RoadmapKen Maynard ADFA, Acc.FM

Common-Law Separation in Ontario

Common-Law Separation in Ontario: Rights, Property Division & Financial Implications Navigating the often-complex labyrinth of common-law separation in Ontario requires a comprehensive understanding of your rights, responsibilities, and potential financial and legal implications. [...]

Common-Law Separation in OntarioKen Maynard ADFA, Acc.FM

Family Law Mediation

Family Law Mediation: Benefits, Process, and Tips for Success Picture this: you're standing at a crossroads. On one side, the path leads to a courtroom battle laden with paperwork, emotional turmoil, and escalating [...]

Family Law MediationKen Maynard ADFA, Acc.FM