Early Neutral Consultation

 Early Neutral Consultation

Early Neutral Consultation – Explainer Video

Early Neutral Consultation Report
The Best to Start Your Separation

The Best to Start Your Separation

Powerful understanding regarding:

  • Equitable Asset and Liability Division
  • Child Support
  • Co-Parenting

  • How to avoid Canada Revenue Agency hassles & taxation

  • Costs and how to minimize them

  • Options regarding the Matrimonial Home

The fee for ENC is $299 + HST, I believe so strongly in the value and power of an Early Neutral Consultation it comes with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.

The Early Neutral Consultation is structured to save you time, money, and stress by laying down a forward direction on a foundation of cooperation and understanding.

Complete an Early Neutral Consultation with us, and I will credit $299 +HST towards your separation agreement preparation.

Divorce in Ontario Soft Landing Settlement Method

We help conflicted and outcome-focused separating couples create separation agreements with clarity and soft landings for secure futures in 4 meetings or less without all the lawyer created overwhelming conflicts, confusion and costs.

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