Winner Take All

Book Reviewer: Molly Murphy's book "Winner Take All ",is a true confirmation that the Divorce Industrial Complex aka Family Law System abuses and neglects fathers of divorce. Having a family member going through a divorce, I have also witnessed how the Family Law Act can break down a wonderful father; totally strip him of all of his pride, finances, rights, home and a great relationship he had with his children. The book explains how fathers can lose everything and have to sit back and watch the ex wives, lawyers and court systems suck everything out of them that might be left. Molly's book tells us of 3 men close to her that have tragically gone through the unethical divorce path from our Canadian Legal System. These fathers have dealt with parental alienation, ex wives ignoring court orders, being falsely accused of abuse while ex wives continue to get away with it. The book exposes the hushed fact that Fathers are becoming homeless and some even committing suicide from the way they are handled within the Family Law System. While reading this book you will be drawn into feeling all of the sadness, disgust, heartache and abuse that these fathers go through. A reader will be changed forever.

Winner Take AllKen Maynard CDFA, Acc.FM