This is obviously a very important step, as the terms in your separation agreement will affect your future and that of your children. It’s a binding contract that is legally enforceable, so you must honour its terms. Often, it will be used as the basis for your divorce. So be sure you are content with it before you sign it. Ideally get a legal representative to create it, or at least review it before you sign it because everything needs to be carefully considered.

About the Author:
Ken Maynard CDFA, Acc.FM

I help smart and successful couples, create separation agreements with clarity and soft landings for secure futures, in 4 meetings or less without all the lawyer created overwhelming conflicts, confusion and costs. You can work with me by video conference or with a DTSW associate at any of our 6 DTSW Greater Toronto mediation centers, including | Aurora | Barrie | North York | Vaughan | Mississauga | Scarborough.

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