Divorce mediation is often the best path forward in a dispute if:

  • Both parties are committed to resolving their disagreement
  • The nature of their separation is likely to evoke strong emotions
  • Both parties want some kind of relationship to remain, usually for the sake of their children
  • One partner isn’t comfortable confronting the other
  • The discussions between the parties have hit a brick wall
  • One or both spouses want to avoid costly litigation
About the Author:
Ken Maynard CDFA, Acc.FM

I help smart and successful couples, create separation agreements with clarity and soft landings for secure futures, in 4 meetings or less without all the lawyer created overwhelming conflicts, confusion and costs. You can work with me by video conference or with a DTSW associate at any of our 6 DTSW Greater Toronto mediation centers, including | Aurora | Barrie | North York | Vaughan | Mississauga | Scarborough.

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