Is it necessary to go to family court

Only if you can’t come to an agreement- less than 5% family law cases go to trial. Talk to your lawyer to discuss other workable out-of-court options. This option should suit the specificity [...]

Is it necessary to go to family court2020-12-30T22:39:05-05:00

How can CDFA professionals help

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) trained specially. Their training makes them capable of analyzing different settlement proposals. They are also trained to look at the long term consequence of decisions their clients make. [...]

How can CDFA professionals help2019-11-16T23:48:04-05:00

Should I keep the house?

This sometimes gets a ‘yes’ and sometimes a ‘no’. Based on the factors of taxes and insurance, it is important to know what it will cost. Next is to know if your income [...]

Should I keep the house?2019-11-16T23:38:08-05:00

Will I be able to keep some or all my pension?

Speaking generally, pensions and retirement plans are assets earned within marriage. Usually, the part earned during marriage being subjected to division. Yet, it may be possible to keep your pension and have the [...]

Will I be able to keep some or all my pension?2019-11-16T23:30:35-05:00

Will I receive spousal support?

Knowing that no two cases are the same, complicates the test for spousal support also known as “maintenance”. You must discuss with a family law lawyer to know whether the peculiarity of your [...]

Will I receive spousal support?2020-12-19T23:08:02-05:00
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