Understanding the Reluctant Spouse in Separation and Divorce

Reluctant Spouse Divorce

Preparing For Separation And Divorce Guide and Checklist

How to Prepare for Separation and Divorce!

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Ken S, Maynard Acc.FM CDFA

  • What Is Separation Mediation

What Is Separation Mediation?

What Is Separation Mediation? Counting the cost. Trying to make up for lost time. Picking up the pieces of damaged relationships. That’s the price many couples pay with separation. The time-consuming, emotionally-draining [...]

Mediation Demonstration

Mediation Highlight Clips Watch a Mediator explain to his clients the legal process that influences key elements of the divorce process. See how he carefully explains the legal position as regards child custody, [...]

Divorce Consulting & Coaching Services

Divorce Consulting & Coaching Services You may be in the early days of researching your options in separation and divorce. Maybe your head is full of questions like; Should I Keep the House [...]

  • How much does mediation cost

Divorce Mediation Cost

How much does mediation cost? How much does mediation cost? And is Divorce Mediation for you? If you are concerned about the outcome of your separation and divorce, tired of worrying about what [...]

  • Mediation Benefits in Divorce
  • Mediation Benefits Children

Mediation Benefits in Divorce

Divorce Mediation has many benefits for children and their parents, confirmed by Dr. Emery’s longitudinal study on the effects of mediation. Read More...

  • Ken Maynard

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Ken S. Maynard is an accredited mediator (Acc.FM) and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) who specializes in comprehensive, cost effective full service mediation resulting in a separation agreement.