Separation and Divorce Costs


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Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s 2018 Legal Fees Survey

Our Simple Honest Pricing

Task – DescriptionPrice
Early Neutral Consultation, upto 2 hours$299
Task – DescriptionPrice
Client Outcome Visioning discussion, usually runs 2 hours$195/hour
Task – DescriptionPrice
 Clear Financial Foundations
 usually clients do this on their own at no charge$0 / hour
Task – DescriptionPrice
Smart & Equitable Financial Share (Assets & Debts)
Prepare Financial Statements (Form 13 / 13.1)$675 ea
Complexity Addons
Defined Benefit Pension$290 ea
Defined Contribution Pension$190 ea
RRSP & Investment Accounts$20 ea
Task – DescriptionPrice
Smart & Equitable Financial Share (Income & Expense)
Prepare Child Support Calculation (DivorceMate)$125 ea
Prepare Spousal Support Calculation (DivorceMate)$250 ea
Prepare Spousal & Child Calculation (DivorceMate)$350 ea
Complexity Addon$190 ea
Prepare Self-Employment Income available for support analysis$195 / hour
Task – DescriptionPrice
Family Harbour Child Centered Parenting Plan, base agreement with schedule$195
Parenting Plan Customization$195 / hour
Can a Mediator Write a Separation Agreement
Task – DescriptionPrice
Prepare a Base Separation Agreement$990
Complexity Addons
With Child Support$+360
With Spousal Support$+350
With Division of Pension$+350
With RRSP & Investment Accounts, Rollovers$+125
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