Knowing that no two cases are the same, complicates the test for spousal support also known as “maintenance”. You must discuss with a family law lawyer to know whether the peculiarity of your case gains an entitlement to receive spousal support. Once you have received entitlement, some factors will determine the amount and duration:

  • Need: Do you have enough money to sustain yourself? This could be from your income, investments or other property.
  • Means (ability to pay): Can the payer afford to pay support and still have enough money to live comfortably?
  • Length of marriage: A short term marriage without children may not qualify for spousal support. But a long term marriage starting from 20 years and above may qualify for indefinite support.
  • Age and health of both parties.

Many factors determine entitlement, amount and duration as no two cases are the same. It is always recommended that independent legal advice is to be sought on this issue.