Canadian Notice of Assessment (NOA) Financial Disclosure

What a Notice of Assessment looks like:

what does notice of assessment look like (NOA)

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Required Dates for this document

  • Notice of Assessments for the Last 3 Years

Understanding how these important dates in separation and divorce will make a material difference: The When, Then and Now of Divorce

Where to find this Document:

  • Your Personal Files – After you file your T1 Tax Return with CRA, You should receive a Notice of Assessment by mail with in about 90 days.

  • Your Accountant – The NOA was mailed to you, but your Accountant may have you copy.

  • Your Tax Preparation Service – The NOA was mailed to you, but your Tax Preparation Service may have access to a copy.


How to get a copy of a Notice of Assessment – Canada:


Video on how to access your My Account, the Canada Revenue Agency’s secure portal

My Account, the Canada Revenue Agency’s secure portal

My Account, the Canada Revenue Agency’s secure portal

What you need to know about a Notice of Assessment:


If you are seeking legal advice for a family law claim for support  and / or completing court forms for your divorce, aka divorce proceedings. Or settling the parenting arrangements in mediation. It is your notices of assessment or reassessment that confirms your income and other important disclosure requirements including:

  • Home Buyers Plan Balance
  • Life-Long Learning Plan Balances
  • Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contribution limit
  • Your pattern of income for establishing income available for Child Support and Spousal Support 

Obtaining a digital copy of this document:


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