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What to include in a parenting plan

Common reactions to divorce include the following:

  • Temper tantrums and frequent expressions of anger

  • Anxiety

  • Nightmares and difficulty sleeping

  • Shyness

  • Changes in energy level

  • Frequent crying and depression

  • Regressing to an earlier developmental stage (e.g., “forgetting” potty training)

How to write a parenting plan

Parenting Plan Tool

How a Parenting Plan Benefit Parents

You might be tempted to duke it out in court with your ex for months or even years, but a parenting plan is a much wiser strategy that protects everyone’s well-being. Indeed, a parenting plan may be the best gift you can give yourself.

Parenting Plans are in the best interest of the children

When you make financial, custody, and other divorce decisions, the well-being of your children should be the first thing on your mind. More than half of children whose parents get embroiled in custody battles develop depression, but a parenting plan can save them from this misery. Your child can rest easy, with complete security that she’ll have substantive time with both parents.

Resolving Conflicts

Even parents with the best intentions occasionally can’t resolve a parenting issue. But it’s unfair to your children when you and your ex are perpetually fighting about the same thing. You have a few different options when one parent violates the agreement, when you can’t agree about what to put in the parenting plan, or when you want to change the plan but your ex doesn’t.


Your DTSW – Family Harbour Parenting Plan plan is a written document that will affect both you and your children for years, so it’s important not to rush through the process. Each family is different, but there are common themes that need to be covered in any good parenting plan.

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What’s inside a DTSW – Family Harbour Parenting Plan

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